Our packages can be customized based on your planning needs. Please contact us to setup a consultation to determine the best package for your wedding.

Full Planning and Design 

This package is for newly engaged couples who are looking for full-time professional planning and design from beginning to end. This package includes venue shopping, assisting with design, selecting catering and other vendors. We are with you through the entire planning process to design, create and bring your vision to life. Includes your rehearsal, as well as Event Management to ensure you have a stress-free event. 

*Let us know if you have already picked the perfect venue for a customized option.

Design Plus

Logistics & Event Management

Includes Logistics & Event Management however we will meet right away to create your design.  This package is best for couples who have chosen to do most of their planning but want guidance on the overall look and feel of their wedding.  We work together to bring the vision on your event to life. This is our most popular package  as it allows us to use our creative minds to compliment the planning our couples have already done.  Includes your ceremony rehearsal.

Logistics & Event Management

This package is perfect for the couples who have enjoyed planning their wedding but want to sit back and relax on their special day. We will meet a month out to go over all of your details, assist in building your timeline, coordinate with your vendors and make sure every detail is ready to go. This package gives you peace of mind knowing all the planning you have put into your event will be pulled together while you and your family take in the day. Includes your ceremony rehearsal.